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Innovative and Organic Hair Salon in Keller

Innovative and Organic Hair Salon in Keller

Innovative and Organic Hair Salon in KellerInnovative and Organic Hair Salon in Keller

Sustainable Beauty

About Head case

 With over a decade of Management & District Management experience in the beauty industry, I received knowledge and training from dozens of professional beauty companies which included hair, skin & nails. Without realizing the connection at the time, I started to notice the harmful effects from the chemicals on myself, family members, clients, salon professionals, & the environment. Now suffering with my own health concerns which included autoimmune diseases and hair loss, I was becoming more aware of other people around me complaining of similar symptoms.  This sent me on a quest for knowledge researching the harmful affects caused from long term exposure from the chemicals found in hair color and other beauty products.  

In searching for a safer alternative for myself I was saddened by the lack of salons practicing sustainable beauty in Texas. Head Case was born with the desire to share my new-found knowledge on how sustainable beauty is possible while also creating a healthy work environment where we encouraged salon professionals to continue to grow both personally and professionally.  We have conquered the misconception of "natural" beauty products do not work. by bringing you the cleanest, safest, and best performing products we have found in the beauty industry today. 

"Green Beauty" is our promise to partner with companies that are cruelty free, organic & natural, vegan, ingredient integrity, organic farming practices, ammonia free, and sustainable packaging, while dedicated to preserving the environment with ecofriendly production practices to lessen their carbon footprint. I believe we are defined by the choices we make & we continue to inspire change in the beauty industry both inside and outside our salons. I believe by sharing our knowledge we can aspire to make better choices together to protect ourselves and to lighten our karmic footprint. 

We strive to educate our Head Case's as well as fellow salon professionals to empower people with the knowledge they need to make healthier choices. 

Kelley Swing

Owner | CEO