What is a Blow Out?

I had no clue what a “Blow Out” was and since I came from managing full service salons to offering these at my own salon, I felt that I wanted to share what I have learned to be a Blow Out. So many people ask me this question all the time and what I have found to be true is, there are so many different assumptions or misconceptions to what a Blow Out is and if this service would even benefit them.

When I first heard the term Blow Out and the fact that people were going to the salon just for a blow out, just blew my mind. My daughter working at a blow dry bar didn’t even strike enough interest for me to go and try this out for myself. Shame on me first of all, and second because of my ignorance I just figured my hair was too fine and thin for a blow out to benefit me. She would also share with me the fact that her clients loved them so much they were seeing her a few times a week and not even washing their own hair! Wow! Did I try one at this point?? Nope.

When I would visit the salon to get my hair cut and colored, I noticed many times that my hair stylist seemed too tired to put much effort into the blow dry and finishing touches. Let’s be truthful, we may not feel comfortable asking our stylist to tweak our final result just the way we like it after we just spent 2 or more hours in her/his chair. What would I do at that point? I would tell my stylist I loved it and then I went home and re-fixed it myself.

This brought me to opening a salon with my daughter and of course we added the Blow Out to our salon menu. Our first week open my daughter’s clients were flooding in as we all watched in amazement at the 45-minute experience of precision with a blow dryer could make such a beautiful style only seen on that special night or rare occasions. Why not have this beautiful hair every day? With a Blow Out you can!

I have seen wild, unruly, and curly hair tamed without using hot tools! Big, bouncy and frizz free curls are created using only technique and a round brush. Flat lifeless hair is made to look thick and full with just the right amount of texture. That’s not all though, many clients were getting curls or waves put in to last them the week. Beautiful tight curls in the beginning of the week to lose fashion forward waves towards the end. Hot tools can also be added for long-lasting curls or a smooth, straight finish. The blow out is a celebrity style of your choice that makes you look better, feel better, and ready to take on the world. With consistent Blow Outs we will be able to retrain your hair to keep your desired result on a regular basis.

Of course, let’s not forget my hair and the Blow Out…. Can my fine thin hair get the same benefits as the thick hair clients? I had seen my Designers make fine & thin hair clients look gorgeous but I was still unsure. I am the client that has always had to wash my hair every day and I felt there was NO WAY my hair would last even till the next morning.

After my first blow out experience I was so amazed how my hair looked sp shiny, healthy, and beautiful. I wake up the next morning and to my surprise…. I shake my head and out the door I go with my hair just as beautiful as the day before. This has NEVER happened to me in the past and I just gained an extra 30 minutes in the morning! True test went into the next morning.. I style as recommended by my Designer by spraying Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair Dry Shampoo at my roots, a little root teasing, some Session Spray Hair Spray to finish, and I am out the door again! Doo Over Spray by Kevin Murphy is another product I love to create a refreshed hair look on any given day which is a hair spray and dry shampoo in one!

So, to give you the full description on “What is a Blow Out?” I will have to say, just TRY IT! You have nothing to lose but an amazing pampering experience. Even if you have tried a Blow Out from another salon I highly recommend you give our Designers a try. We believe we have the best Designers in DFW and you will soon agree. Your first Blow Out at Head Case Hair Studio is only $28! See our special Blow Out packages with gives you Blow Outs at a special price as well as several free services with wonderful partnering businesses such as Salt Cave, Zyn22, and Cryo-X.

Come to Head Case Hair Studio for the Ultimate Blow Out experience by our amazing and fully trained Designer staff. You deserve it!

Kelley Swing


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