The Ultimate List of Bridal Essentials pt.2

Two weeks ago we had the Part 1 of a two-part series of Ultimate List of Bridal Essentials. Some items are self-explanatory, but there are some that you probably would never have thought of. Thankfully, Bethany, one of our Head Case Designers and resident wedding-day-beauty-guru has been on site and an imperative part of several bride’s big days. She has seen it all, to say the least.

With all of your possible beauty needs covered in Part 1, we will continue the Ultimate List today with all of your clothing and emergency items, along with a few odd-ball pieces that you will be glad you packed.



Most of these are no-brainers and really should be in your travel bag anyways (maybe with the exception of the steamer). This little list should cover all of your possible wardrobe malfunctions and mishaps, giving you some peace of mind during throughout the day.

  • safety pins/mini-travel sewing kit
    you can find premade sewing kits or DIY it by putting a few of the basics together in a little container such as an Altoids tin or an extra sunglass case
  • lint roller
    “Flint Lint Rollers” are so cute and so travel friendly because they are retractable and as well as refillable
  • steamer
    nothing is worse than a wedding dress with wrinkles, so be sure to pack that portable steamer, girl!
  • Tide to go stick
  • fabric softener sheet
    this is the perfect solution for static problems in both hair and clothing
  • double-sided fashion tape
    actually, the best double-sided tape is a men’s toupee tape called “Top Stick”or you can also use “Hollywood Fashion Tape” too. this stuff will make sure your dress stays in place and keep your ‘girls’ secure 😉
  • pantyhose
  • pasties
  • back up earings/back sides of earings
  • ballet flats
    these will be a much-needed relief when you’re ready to ‘cut-a-rug’ on the dance floor after walking down the aisle. You’re welcome.

Emergency Kit


Here is the last of the essentials, including a few things you might not EVER think of. It is always better to have and not need something than vise versa, right

  • pain relievers / allergy medicine
  • brand new first aid kit
    band aids, scissors, tape
  • tampons/pads
  • portable phone charger
  • paper towels
  • pen/paper/sharpie
  • wet wipes
  • mints/ gum
  • hot glue gun
    having a hot glue gun has saved the day one too many times. It can mend a flowergirl basket, fix a bridesmaid’s busted ear ring or any other broken item in a flash! It’s so simple, yet so underrated
  • straws
    dont’ mess up that lipstick, girl. Save that job for your HUSBAND at the end of the ceramony!
  • mustard
    yes mustard. This baby is used for burns that you might get from your hot irons. It stops the intensity of the burn dead in it’s tracks. Science.
  • bug spray
    OFF bug spray is a must have for outdoor ceremonies. Your bouquet will attract all the bees and flies in a five-mile radius without bug repellent, which can cause quiet a stir at the changing of vows.

How are you feeling now that you are VERY well prepared for your big day? Excellent, right!?! This extensive list makes it a bit easier to plan for any mishaps and bring piece of mind. In the end it doesn’t hurt to be overly prepared.

I would love to know of any other items that may have helped you on your wedding day or even items you wish you brought. Please leave a comment below and happy wedding planning!

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