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All Natural Makeup That Actually Covers?

Coming into Head Case, I was new to not only Kevin Murphy but also to this makeup line that not once in my life have I ever heard of, Jane Iredale. Honestly when I first heard “all natural makeup”, I was like….. ummmm, is there even coverage? Am I seriously going to be able to give the full “GLAM” look that I rave about? Will the eyeshadows even show up? To say the least, I was a sceptic of this line.

Did you know that Jane Iredale is the only Makeup line recommended by the American Skin Cancer society? Did you know they are Cruelty Free and Never tests on animals? Jane Iredale lasts so much longer than your other make up lines due to its purity with no fillers, talc or chemicals. Less is best and a little goes a long way. WHAT!!?? NO WAY! GET OUT!


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Prom Makeup in Keller, TX

Special Occasion Makeup in Keller, TX

So, you mean to tell me this line helps with rosacea and eczema? So, you mean to tell me someone who JUST had facial surgery/procedure done can wear this line immediately afterwards? It seriously has anti-acne treatment inside? And Ladies, we haven’t even gotten into the coverage yet, OMG the coverage!! Can I switch lines now? Hello? Where do I sign up?

With all that being said, I have to say my favorite thing about this line is, no matter the look you prefer it accommodates.  Want a natural look? Awesome Jane Iredale is the line for you! Want Hollywood coverage? Fantastic, Jane Iredale is the line for you! It’s as simple as using the BB cream with the press powder for the full coverage look or using our tinted moisturizer for the more natural glow, but always with the smooth affair primer first of course, we want to insure your makeup stays looking fresh and is as long lasting as possible.

Are you the one that loves makeup, but not quite sure how to put it on? I’m your girl! Come on in and I’d love to teach you new, easy tricks and tips to become the best you possible!

Designer: Heather Castro

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